Soils, Inland Waters, Contaminated Land (M.Sc.)

International semester courses

International Semester

If you have a firm background in soil science and/or surface water hydrology, you may want to supplement your knowledge with information on contaminated soils, inland waters or GIS-systems. In this case you can join our International Semester as part of your Master or Ph.D. program at your home university.

The International Semester with English as teaching medium is part of the M.Sc. program ‘Soil, Inland Waters & Contaminated Land‘ and will take place in the fall semester each year (October to January).

You must take 6 courses to get the necessary 30 credit points required to complete the semester. To be sure that those credit points are acknowledged for your M.Sc. or Ph.D. program at home, a written personalized learning agreement must be signed between our university and your home university before starting your studies.

There will be a four-week International Summer German Language School before the start of the semester.

To speakGerman is not required to join the International Semester, but the knowledge of some ‘Survival German’ is highly recommended to cope with everyday life.

The Courses

All courses include lectures as well as practical aspects, such as onsite training, hands-on at the PC, group work on case studies or excursions / field trips.

Further Information