Soils, Inland Waters, Contaminated Land (M.Sc.)

About the Study Programme

The Master Study Program 'Soils, Inland Waters & Contaminated Land (M.Sc.)' builds on the foundation of a Bachelor's degree in subject-related areas (e.g. geography, geoecology, landscape ecology, landscape planning and architecture, agriculture, horticulture, forestry, construction engineering, further environmental and geosciences study programmes). It offers you the opportunity to obtain a well-founded qualification for all issues relating to soil and inland water.


The subject competencies which you will gain relate to the environmental media soil and inland waters and their interfaces to other environmental areas. Here land used for agricultural and forestry purposes and also urban land used for industrial purposes is covered. You as a student can choose to place your personal focus on methodical-analytical research or on a practice-related, applied career field.


The Study Program 'Soils, Inland Waters & Contaminated Land' is a full two-year program. To obtain the Master's Degree you will focus on either soils, inland waters or contaminated land. Basic teaching medium is German which means that you must either already have sufficient knowledge of German or you will have to complete a 3-6 month language course before starting your studies.

For those international students who are interested in a semester abroad with English as the teaching medium, we offer the 'International Semester' each fall with courses related to soils, inland waters and contaminated land.

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